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Brownie Tasting

My favorite was definitely brownie #5 (Ruth Reich’s Art Park) because I loooove fudginess. (The chocolate was a little bitter). My favorite out of the official brownies was #3( Cooks Illustrated Best Chocolate Brownie). It was the only other homemade one and it was easy to tell the difference. I liked the fudginess and the crunchy top- it gave it a nice texture, but I thought the chocolate flavor was a little bitter in this one too. This may have been because both homemade recipes used the same Baker’s unsweetened baking chocolate. As for the boxed brownies- they didn’t quite make the cut after tasting the homemade. I have to say that if I tasted #1 on a normal day (Betty Crocker Originalw/ Hershey Syrup) I would haved loved it, but on the tasting day I just liked it. The flavor was really good, and they were very moist, but I did notice that they werfe a bit sticky and coated your mouth. #2- the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies- had practically NO chocolate flavor and they were dry and cakey, so they rated down at the bottom. Second to last in my rating came #4 (Ghiradelli)- they were dense, and had a weird taste, they were also flacky on top (which doesn’t make a difference to me), and they had chocolate chips, which gave them less of a smooth texture (the texture wasn’t good anyways). Overall, I’m a fan of fudgy brownies- so my vote goes to #5… pure fudge.